Princess Sophia's Gifts

Writer's Digest Award

17th International Self-Published Book Award

- Honorable Mention

Judge's Comment: "Princess Sophia's Gifts is the children's picture book this judge read that has made it all worthwhile.  From its beautiful opening line that grabs and pulls you in to its amazing illustrations, this book just works."

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Hardcover, 36 pages.

U.S. price $16.  

ISBN: 978-0-9819064-0-9

Trim Size: 8” x 10.5”

Publisher: AHEARTT

Author: Diane Hovey

Illustrator: Sara Butcher


Truly Beautiful!!!

Susan Figg (St. Paul, MN) -

"Princess Sophia's Gifts" is the most moving children's book I have ever read. The beautiful story and gorgeous illustrations come together powerfully in this incredible tribute to a special young woman and her amazing family. It touched my soul. I wish for everyone I love to have the opportunity to enter Princess Sophia's kingdom again and again and again!


Once upon a time is more than a cliché or a memory. Everyone has a story or, more accurately, stories.  In an instant or slowly over time, however, stories change as things happen within and around us.  Princess Sophia’s Gifts reinforces this truth.  Diane Hovey’s tale is as old and as fresh and needed now as all stories of meaning-making have been, are and will be.  She reminds readers to not allow fear and regret to define anyone, especially a child, when disruptive and difficult things occur.  Rather, gifts can be found, given and received.  Read and be inspired whatever your age!

  ~ Ted Bowman, Educator / Author / Parent